dark forest with trail sign1

[Tombstone Spook Trail has been an annual haunted house attraction in Lake Butler, Florida since 2004! Over the years, it has grown from a simple non-themed haunt to a Wild-West specific trail of terror.  Frightened patrons first park and are then driven on a tractor-pulled hayride to the entrance of "Fort Savage", a western-era palisade fort now manned only by the ghosts of the soldiers stationed there.

Placeholder  ImageAfter passing the ruined gate of the fort, the frightened visitors must pass through the ruins of the O.K. Corral, then wander through the shop of a mad cannibal butcher and his wife. A tour of the local jail and its eternally trapped inhabitants is next, followed by a visit through the local Dead and Breakfast and ghoul-infested saloon.

The guests then make a hasty exit through the rear of the watering hole, entering a trail that leads through a creature filled forest and a cursed Indian village. Boot Hill awaits them looming in the mist enshrouded darkness beyond, and if they survive a harrowing trip through the bowels of the haunted Blood Gulch mine they can choose to leave, thankful they have been spared, or brave the haunted house horrors of the trail once again...

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